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BD Aluminium Paint

BD Aluminium Paint

Description: Based on quick drying oleoresinous varnish and high graded leafing aluminum pas e having extra ordinary. Heat resistance property.

Use: On all steel and iron structures, C. I. Sheets and towers.

Color: Bright Silver color.


Surface drying: 45 minutes

Hard Drying: 4-6 hours

Viscosity: 22-24 secs by F.C. 4 at 30C

Finish: Smooth Glossy Silver

Coverage: 100-120 Sft/ Liter on nonabsorbent plastered surface.

Recoat ability: After 1 hours

Spread Ability: 240-260 Sft/Liter

Heat Resistance: up to 200 C

Flash Point: Above 70 C

Application: Brush/ Spry

Thinner: BD G.P. thinner

Packing: Packed in dual container. Available in 200ml, 0.455 ml 0.91 Litres, 3.64 Litres and 18.2 Litres sealed cont.

Storage: 1 year in sealed container.

Instruction: Mix all paste (kept inside the container) with the medium before application. Do not use any thinner. Do not keep mixed paint for more than 8 hours clean equipment’s with BD G.P. Thinner. Keep fire away from painting area.