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BD Weather Coat

BD Weather Coat

Description: This is based on suitable pure acrylic emulsion, pigments and others useful chemicals. This is a very goods sealant to stop the porosity of the plastered wall and protects the painted wall from salt petre.

Use: On all plastered walls.

Color: As per BD shade card


Surface drying: 30 minutes

Hard drying: 5-6 Hours

Viscosity: 100-110 Ku/30 C (Viscous Liquid)

Finish: Matt

Coverage: 200-220 sft/liter

Recoat ability: After 6-8 hours

Thinner: Clean tap water

Packing: Supplied in sealed containers of 0.91 liter, 3.64 liter, and 18.2 liter

Storage: 12 months in cool and dry place

Application: Brush or Roller

Instruction: Do not overthin. Do not thin of contaminated water. Do not keep thinned in container. Do not apply on limed washed walls. Use 20% water for 1st coat followed by next coat with 10%.